Why People Are Moving to Hamilton

How will you decide where to settle down?
As the location we reside in affects many aspects of our lives, this decision needs to be approached purposefully and thoughtfully.
Though many may love the idea in living in a large city, many can’t imagine being able to afford to live there. Several of those in the home buyer market are now thinking about Hamilton, Ontario. With a healthy and growing real estate market, the city offers hope to those opposed to being house rich and cash poor. In fact, Hamilton homes are often selling for 40 per cent less than Toronto properties. When going through that “Home Sweet Home” checklist, Hamilton hits the mark.
Hamilton boasts a “Hamilton Best Start” program that offers a broad range of services for children from birth to 12 years of age. This program aims to ensure that children receive the best opportunities. The city also has public and private schools, renowned post-secondary education institutes, a growing arts culture, over 100 waterfalls, and 3480 acres of park land.
Other perks include the new GO Transit line, which makes the commute to Toronto easier. The city also has the “Entry Level Advantage to Employment” program, which educates Hamilton youth and aids to build careers in Hamilton.
As you consider the best place to live in the area, Hamilton should sit firmly at the top of the list. With a desirable location, an affordable real estate market, and dozens of great neighbourhoods, Hamilton has qualities that make it attractive to anyone considering relocating.


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