Hamilton = Community: A Letter From Tim Potocic



Hamilton is a post-industrial city that is finding strength in new alloys — assets like arts and culture, strong neighbourhoods, a vibrant small business ecosystem, tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, and a warmth and openness to newcomers. In building community, we drive the city forward.
Each time I encounter a new transplant to Hamilton, their story never fails to put a smile on my face. I hear that fellow Hamiltonians immediately engage them when they arrive in their respective communities and welcome them without prejudice. That they are valued for the ways their perspectives enrich our shared history and culture.
Whether people move here from within Ontario, across Canada or outside of the country, in Hamilton they experience a similar feeling of belonging. Hamiltonians open their arms to accept newcomers and welcome them into our community. And Hamilton is a city of opportunity, a place where ordinary people can impact the future of the city in extraordinary ways.
That potential is reflected in Hamilton itself. Uniquely positioned in the center of the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton is a city with a strong urban core and abundant green spaces. On any given day you can easily travel from the city’s heart to take in the tremendous waterfront, explore exceptional natural variety at the Royal Botanical Gardens, or escape onto biking and walking trails that stretch from the harbour to the Escarpment and beyond. And this natural bounty is just the beginning. Hamilton has a wealth of resources rarely found in peer cities.
Between the welcoming nature of its residents and the vast assets and opportunities the city has to offer, it’s a wonder that more people don’t relocate here. I’ve always been proud to call Hamilton home and I’m honoured to be among those writing the next chapter in the history of our great city.
– Tim Potocic, Owner of Sonic Unyon Records, Supercrawl Director


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