Hamilton Offers a New Way to Support Local Businesses

hamilton supports local businesses

Hometown Hub Where Local Business Goes Digital

Point, click, delivered – it’s that easy.

Thanks for staying at home with your family or roommates during these uncertain times.  It may not be the most glamorous way to live our lives; however, it is the BEST thing you can do right now for yourself and all the people of Hamilton.

Are you feeling a bit of cabin fever?  Maybe guilty for streaming too much Netflix?  You are not alone.  The good news is there’s a way to shake up your day and help local businesses in Hamilton at the same time.

“We are thrilled to be involved with Hometown Hub.” says the city’s director of economic development, Norm Schleehahn.  

This new online website allows you to order food, drink, and unique products and services from across Hamilton delivered directly to your door.  “Local business is the backbone of our community, especially the thousands employed in the restaurant, retail and service-based business,” says Schleehahn

When you visit Hometown Hub, you can order a burger (Vegan or Regular) to your door from local restaurateurs.  In the mood for a BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich or do your tastebuds crave, Vietnamese, Italian or Southern US?

Click, order and your food will be delivered via UberEats, Doordash, Skip the Dishes, or in some cases, local restaurants have their own delivery.

So many options to support local business.

Don’t worry; Hometown Hub also caters to the cake and cookie crowd allowing you to order some sweets and have them delivered to your home.  Those craving a local craft beer can order, pay online and have the brew show up on your doorstep.

“We encourage any business offering online ordering to register with Hometown Hub as there are no costs for local based business to join,” says Mr. Schleehahn.

Local Hamilton businesses can sign-up for FREE

hamilton offers support local businesses

The City’s Economic Development Office is looking for more businesses to come on board from Dundas, Ancaster, Flamborough, Stoney Creek and Glanbrook as well.  It’s so exciting to see how Hamilton offers support to local businesses.

Wait, there’s more.  

Do you want to build your own guitar?  Update your home decor? How about ordering wax, wicks and scents to make new candles for your home?  You can order all of this and more through Hometown Hub.  Check out the SHOP button on Hometown Hub and place your order today to support your local business.  Keep checking the site as new restaurants and stores come online.   IF you are looking for other ways to support local businesses, check out this article on Shop Eat Play found here.

Hamilton offers support to local businesses

The City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office is open for business helping all businesses small, medium and large.  “Our mandate is to assist and direct businesses in need, especially as government funding becomes available,” Says Schleehahn. “Our physical offices at City Hall may be closed to the public, but our phones and emails are up and running to support all of our business partners across this resilient city.”   Hamilton Economic Development can be reached at investinhamilton.ca or by calling 1-800-868-1329


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