Mohawk’s Future Ready Students Make History



Mohawk College is making history both inside and outside the classroom. From groundbreaking innovative facilitiesto the work of graduates, the college is looking to the future and beyond.
In 2016, Mohawk College broke ground at Fennell Campus and work commenced on The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation. Scheduled to open in 2018, this state-of-the-art living lab is designed to be part of the student learning experience. The building will create more labs and significantly increase the number of highly skilled technology graduates.
The development continues at the college’s two other campuses. The new trades-focused collaborative space at Stoney Creek Campus is redesigning how the next generation of skilled trades workers are learning. At theInstitute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster, new lab technology is helping to educate the next generation of health care professionals.
In the community, Mohawk is dedicated to putting a college education within everyone’s reach. A new initiative from City Schoolwill bring education right into Hamilton’s priority neighbourhoods with a mobile classroom.
These initiatives represent a $63 million investment in students, future employers and the community, and demonstrate support for the region’s economic development priorities.Local Learning with Global Impact
Meet Mohawk Alum’ Justin Fyfe While a student at Mohawk in 2007, Justin worked in the Applied Research department as a programmer. After graduating as a Software Architect and gaining valuable work experience, he returned to Mohawk to focus on international projects.
Justin and his team are now working with PATH, a Seattle Health Organization, to help create a healthcare database for health care workers in Africa. They piloted the project in 2014 in Tanzania and Zambia.
Justin and his team have been recognized with several awards including the Canada Health Infoway Standards Collaborative Peer Award in 2010. Justin is also a 2016 Mohawk Alumni of Distinction recipient.
In his spare time, Justin donates his skills to open source projects that operate in the developing world.


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