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Losani Ceo and President
Losani Homes CEO Fred Losani and president Lino Losani have never forgotten the early struggles of life in Hamilton, and as a result have always been extremely motivated to give back.

Having been in business for over 40 years, Losani Homes has developed a reputation for being the most dependable builder in the city of Hamilton while being the number one destination for new homes across southern Ontario. As a Hamilton based family company, that history is one that is shared with many others in what has truly defined Hamilton as one of a kind. What began as a means to stay busy in the winter months, Losani Homes has now grown into Hamilton’s largest and most decorated builder and developer.

The company’s growth was swift and steady. After establishing a reputation for quality workmanship, innovative designs, and industry leading customer service the company continued to prosper. Fast forward to 2018, and Losani Homes has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies an unprecedented nine consecutive years, earning platinum status in the process. A feat no other builder in Canada can claim. The company has been recognized locally, provincially, nationally, and most recently internationally for the work that they do. However, what the company is most proud of today would be the work done through the Losani Family Foundation.

Losani Homes CEO Fred Losani and president Lino Losani have never forgotten the early struggles of life in Hamilton, and as a result have always been extremely motivated to give back. Fred Losani himself has cross country skied both the North and South Poles, as well as hiked the entirety of the Bruce Trail (all 865 kilometres of it) all in an effort to raise money for local charities. The company has raised millions of dollars over the years for various charities, and has recently turned their attention internationally, partnering with the WE organization (formerly Free the Children), Losani Homes is responsible for building schools, medical facilities, and bringing clean water to western Kenya. They also built a brand-new state of the art medical facility in Mondena, Ecuador deep in the Amazon jungle which will help service 14 000 neighbouring villagers, which has been named after company founders Maria and Giovanni Losani.

Fred Losani was asked recently “What is the most Hamilton thing about you?”, to which he replied that “I’d like to think we’re tough just like Hamilton. A town built on the sweat and determination of hard working families. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”. That sounds like Hamilton to me.

Hamilton has largely been built on the arduous work and determination of immigrants. It has been a defining quality of the city for decades, and why Hamilton remains a very inviting and tolerant city to this day. Giovanni Losani and wife Maria migrated to Hamilton in 1960 in search of a better life for their growing family. Without much money to their name or knowledge of English, early days were difficult to say the least. A narrative shared by many other families in those days. However, the dream of something more burned brightly, and thanks to a willingness to work hard that dream would be realized.

Over the past three years, Losani Homes has delivered several award-winning communities representing hundreds of homes across the greater Hamilton area. Despite the fact that Losani has extended its projects to Kitchener/Waterloo, Burlington, Collingwood, west Niagara, and Brant County, they have always considered being from Hamilton a badge of honour. In 2016, Losani Homes introduced it’s love letter to their hometown and they called it Central Park.

Modern Towns from the $400’sCentral Park Losani Homes Think Hamilton

Central Park is a master-planned community whose scale and identity are truly unlike anything that has come before it. Its name came after examining it’s surrounding lands. On its west border lies the brand new Upper Redhill Extension allowing residents convenient highway access and accessibility to the booming Hamilton east mountain. On the community’s east border lies one of Hamilton’s largest concentration of conservation land in the stunning Eramosa Karst. And in between lies 10 schools, restaurants, shopping, outdoor fun. Within Central Park itself lies 15 acres of additional park lands by way of a pond, park, and eco trail promenade which has direct access to the 10 km eats mountain trail loop. The perfect marriage of modern amenities and protected greenspace. It is easy to see why the North American Sales and Marketing Council recognized Central Park at the 2018 Nationals in Orlando.Losani Homes Think Hamilton

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