Collaborative Efforts of McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer College to Shape a Thriving Hamilton


In a remarkable display of collaboration and shared vision, three prominent post-secondary institutions in Hamilton, OntarioMcMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer College—have united their efforts to provoke students and city leadership. Their goal is to inspire, energize, and build a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant city. Through their combined initiatives, these institutions are driving positive change and contributing to Hamilton’s transformation into a thriving urban center.

CityLAB: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration:
One exemplary initiative driving this vision is CityLAB, a partnership program involving McMaster University, Mohawk College, and the City of Hamilton. CityLAB acts as a catalyst for innovative projects that address real-world challenges faced by the city. Through collaboration with municipal departments, students and faculty from all three institutions work alongside city staff to develop creative solutions.

Empowering Students and City Leadership:
CityLAB provides students with valuable experiential learning opportunities. By working on projects that tackle urban issues such as transportation, housing, and sustainability, students gain practical skills while contributing to the betterment of their community. Additionally, CityLAB encourages civic engagement and empowers students to become active contributors to the city’s development.

The Impact of CityLAB Projects:
Over the past year, CityLAB has undertaken several impactful projects that have made a tangible difference in Hamilton. One notable project involved developing innovative strategies to enhance public transit accessibility for marginalized communities. By collaborating with city leaders, students and faculty proposed practical solutions, resulting in improved transit routes and services that addressed the specific needs of underserved neighborhoods.

Sustainable Urban Development:
McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer College are deeply committed to sustainable development in Hamilton. Through various research initiatives, these institutions are exploring ways to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. This commitment aligns with the city’s broader sustainability goals, ensuring a greener and healthier future for all Hamiltonians.

The Hamilton CityLAB Fellowship:
To further nurture innovation and leadership, CityLAB offers the Hamilton CityLAB Fellowship, an opportunity for students to delve deeper into community-based research. This fellowship enables students to collaborate closely with community organizations, analyze complex urban issues, and propose practical solutions. Through this program, emerging leaders are equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive meaningful change in Hamilton and beyond.

Engaging the Community:
Beyond their collaborative efforts, McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer College actively engage with the Hamilton community. They organize events, workshops, and public lectures to foster dialogue and knowledge sharing. These initiatives not only benefit students but also provide a platform for community members to contribute their perspectives and insights, enriching the collective understanding of urban issues.

The combined efforts of McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer College exemplify the power of collaboration and shared vision in building a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant city. Through initiatives like CityLAB, these institutions are inspiring students and city leadership to work together and develop innovative solutions to urban challenges. As Hamilton continues to evolve into a thriving urban center, the impact of this collaboration will serve as a testament to the transformative potential of education, community engagement, and visionary leadership. Together, they are shaping a brighter future for Hamilton, one that benefits its residents and fosters a sustainable and vibrant community.


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