Top 6 Trendy Workspaces



    1. Seedworks
    This co-working space offers a great location in Downtown Hamilton inside a century-old solid wood and brick construction building with large windows allowing the space to flood with beautiful natural light.
    2. Co Motion 302 (formerly Platform 302)
    What: A two-storey brick and beam co-working space nestled up against the escarpment and the rail trail on a quiet street in east Hamilton
    Why it’s cool: They haven’t taken the charm out of this rustic space that once made textiles and then ink; fun networking events; gym and patio space, the sight of trees out the window.
    3. CoBuild
    What: 100,000-square-feet of shared fabricating and warehousing space to accommodate for industrial designers, builders and entrepreneurs, including shared tools, storage, boardrooms and shipping and receiving
    Why it’s cool: the concept is a Canadian first; bringing back to life the former site of Ball Packaging that once employed 1,000 people in Hamilton’s industrial north; it comes with access to a forklift and driver.
    4. CoMotion on King
    What: Sprawling third floor blends modern, industrial design mixed with the exposed brick and other glimpses of the history of the building as the home to the Hamilton Spectator for more than 50 years.
    Why it’s cool: Big windows overlooking bustling King Street and Gore Park; a ping pong club one floor below, a rooftop patio, walking distance to plenty of great eateries.
    5. Kitchen Collective
    The Kitchen Collective is a new non-profit, affordable commercial kitchen and culinary incubator designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs a boost in the industry as well as a collaborative space in which to launch their business and learn from each other.
    6. 100 King St. W

    Designed with efficiency in mind, planning is very flexible in maximizing use of space. Approximately 17,000 square foot floorplates with the largest contiguous block available for rent measuring approximately 51,000 square feet across three floors. Experience breathtaking panoramic views from the heart of downtown Hamilton.


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