HIEC Connects Industry, Business & Education



The Industry-Education Council of Hamilton is the oldest Industry Education Council in Canada, working in partnership with the District School Boards, Colleges and Universities since 1978. The IEC delivers projects focused on providing stakeholder value and fostering innovation.
The IEC mission is to foster partnerships among industry, business, education and other community groups in Greater Hamilton, that support experiential learning opportunities for all learners, through quality mentoring.
Some IEC programs include:
  1. ELATE III (Entry Level Advantage to Employment), an Advanced Manufacturing training program for youth delivered by Mohawk College.
  2. Hamilton Code Clubs (supported by an ABACUS Grant from Hamilton Community Foundation) Engages middle-school youth in simple and fun coding activities to increase interest in the Information Technology sector.
  3. M.I.G.H.T.Y. (Mentors in Greater Hamilton Teaching Youth) An Entrepreneurship Program engaging youth to develop business plans leading to career options.
  4. Certification Programs for high school students in ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship’.


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